Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Applications are now closed.

What is it?

TAMUhack is Texas A&M’s premier, nationwide event for students from all different backgrounds to come together and share their passion for learning, creativity, and self-expression through technology.

For the third year in a row. TAMUhack is bringing together the most technologically savvy, creative and driven student hackers from all over the country to make their wildest ideas become a reality. And this time we want you to attend!

Why should I go?

We will give you more food than you can eat. You will learn more here, in 24 hours, than you will care to admit. More companies will want your resume than the number of copies you will have.

Where is it?

This year, TAMUhack will be held in the beautiful Memorial Student Center -- the living room of the campus. Come hang out with us and experience why the MSC is one of Texas A&M’s greatest living traditions!


Saturday, Oct 1st Sunday, Oct 2nd
9:00 am      Doors Open 12:30 pm   Hacking ends
11:00 am   Opening ceremony 1:00 pm     Expo and Judging
12:30 pm   Hacking starts 5:00 pm     TAMUhack ends


Bus Pickup Schedule: Oct 1st

School Time Location
UT Arlington 7:15 am Engineering Research Building - 500 UTA Blvd
UT Dallas 6:00 am Lot J - 800 West Campbell Rd
UT Austin 8:00 am Littlefield Fountain - W 21st St
UT San Antonio 6:15 am John Peace Blvd - UTSA Circle

Buses would leave after the event at 5pm on Oct 2nd to drop students back to their respective universities.


We are going to be sending buses to schools listed above. If you are not in those areas then driving would be best. We are reimbursing miles driven on a case-by-case basis upto $30. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.
Make sure you retain a copy of your gas receipts.

We will be updating the driving and parking information here soon. Got more travel questions? Reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are closed. Can I still attend?

If you applied online and confirm by September 26th, you will be guaranteed a spot. Otherwise, you can try for walk-in admission the day of the event based on how many open spots we have.

Who can attend?

Any graduate/undergrate student who is over 18. Regardless of your experience, education, background or anything else, as long as you are passionate about learning, building and having fun. (even if your preferred editor is nano)

How much experience do I need?

Absolutely zero. We want you here because you have a passion for creating, not becuase you know how to run MapReduce jobs on 20 Cassandra clusters through a Rails app which is using node serial to pull coordinates from a Raspberry Pi. Even if you are brand new to programming, this is the perfect opportunity to learn. There are plenty of people to learn from and help you along the way so just ask!

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It's completely free for all accepted hackers. To make it even better, we'll throw in a ton of swag, food, wifi, workspaces and caffeine while you are here.

How are we selecting who attends?

We are looking for novices, experts and everyone in between. We are really looking out for people who can show they have a passion for creation and learning.

What if I want to volunteer?

That's awesome! Look no further -

Tabs or spaces?

Obviously spaces - don't tabs make you practically unhirable?

What can I create?

Anything! Website? Cross-platform mobile app? Wearable that tickles you? Concerts in virtual reality? Neural Net diagnostics? Sounds great! Creations will be judged on creativity, innovation, technical skill and utility.

How do teams work?

Teams can be up to 4 people. It is not necessary to have a team before the event, or have one at all. Hacking with friends is more fun though. There will be plenty of time after the opening ceremony to form teams if you don't have one yet.

What should I bring?

Please bring a valid student ID in addition to anything that would help you with creating your hack or making you comfortable. A Laptop, charger, mouse, keyboard, extranous hardware, light jacket and any hygienic products should be helpful. Don't bring anything you wouldn't bring on an airplane - so no toothpaste over 3.4 oz.

Will there be hardware available?

Yes! In addition to the MLH Hardware Lab (which includes Oculus Rifts, Pebbles and Leap Motions) we will always have our own custom hardware available.

Will there be workshops and talks?

Of course! We will have workshops running through the whole event. A compelete list will be coming soon.

How should I behave?

What a great question! Check out the MLH Code of Conduct. Although we're all here to have fun, we do not want to create an unpleasant environment for any hacker.

What if I have more questions?

Email us here - or message us here!


Interested in sponsoring? Reach out to the TAMUhack sponsorship team at